Fresh Fish (as always) and Warmer Days Ahead!

The rays of springtime are upon us! Catch up on the latest news on our supply deliveries, patio renovations, special items, and more...

Owner and Chef Frank holds an Atlantic Salmon, freshly delivered from the Faroe Islands, Denmark

Oftentimes, we are asked about where we source our fish, and when we have them delivered! Here's a detailed __ of our most popular fish:

Our Tuna

We ONLY use bluefin tuna, sourced from spanish and North Atlantic waters; bluefin tuna, although more expensive, is much fattier, fresh, and higher quality than its relative, the yellowfin tuna. We will never serve our customers less, and will always provide the best value for everyone. Our bluefin is delivered every other day, so if anyone's craving for THE freshest tuna belly in Howard County, come visit us! We prepare it by hand in before opening everyday.

Our most popular bluefin tuna and fatty bluefin tuna (toro) dishes:

- Ruby Toro roll

- Fuji Maki roll

- Toro Trio appetizer

- Triple Tuna appetizer

Our Salmon

Our salmon depends on the season; we commonly use wild, and ocean-farmed Atlantic Salmon, and occasionally wild Pacific or Scottish Salmon (during ). What's the difference between "ocean-farmed" and "farmed" salmon? It's the location! We will never, EVER, use farmed salmon since this type of salmon is not only lower quality, but also puts our customers at a higher risk of parasites when eaten raw. However, our ocean-farmed salmon, sourced from the Faroe Islands in Denmark, are "Farmed" not in tanks, but in the actual ocean, so that it can be monitored by skilled fishermen in Denmark and prevent the growth of parasites that tank-farmed salmons are exposed to. Check out Frank holding one of those large babies! Our salmon is delivered every other day due to it's popularity, and to ensure that we always have the freshest ingredients to prepare our food. Our most popular salmon dishes are:

- Mr. Salmon entree

- Salmon Tartare appetizer

- Salmon Belly nigiri-sushi/sashimi

- Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box (cooked)

Our Yellowtails

The yellowtail fish is often misrepresented; did you know there's a difference between the Japanese Yellowtail and many other species of yellowtail across the world? The Japanese "yellowtail" is called the Japanese amberjack, and there's different names for them depending on their age: buri is for full-grown, mature yellowtail, kanpachi is for Hawaiian yellowtail, and hamachi is for young to premature yellowtail. We label ours as hamachi because that is what most of our customers recognize it as. Again, by making sure our supplies are in tune with the season, we are making sure that we provide the highest-quality ingredients every day, every week, all year round. During the summer season, we have kanpachi in stock (air-shipped from Hawaii), and it has the most fresh and sweet flavor. Our most popular yellowtail dishes:

- Kanpachi (Hawaii Yellowtail/Baby Yellowtail) nigiri-sushi

- Yellowtail Scallion roll

- Yellowtail Jalapeno appetizer

- Honeymoon roll

Our Other Fish

We've recently added more fish to our nigiri-sushi/sashimi a la carte selection! Check them out on our new exclusive menu and omakase (dining in only!)

Hawaiian Yellowtail/Baby Yellowtail (kanpachi)

- air-shipped from Hawaii; in season around summer to early fall

Japanese Horse Mackerel (aji/shima-aji)

- air-shipped from Tsukiji or Nishiki Market in Japan; in season all year

Japanese Young Sea Bream (madai)

- air-shipped from Tsukiji or Nishiki Market in Japan; in season all year

Hokkaido Bafun Sea Urchin (uni)

- air-shipped from Hokkaido, Japan; even sweeter than Santa Barbara uni, in season summer to fall

Updates this Summer

We are preparing for an upstairs expansion for our full, Japanese cocktail bar (the only one in HoCo!) soon.... watch our for updates!


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