Always Improving! Our COVID-19 updates, New Exclusive Menu, & Upcoming Upstairs Bar...

We strive for continuous improvement, and as a family restaurant, we are always open for direct feedback and will put our community first!

COVID-19 Updates

Although we have recently stopped the requirement of masks within our stores, we have now decided to require masks again due to the risk that the new Delta variant of COVID-19 can bring to even those who are vaccinated. COVID-19 cases are rising again, and it is never too early to take caution and protect not only yourself, but also your loved ones and our community! As a family, we are even more aware of wanting to keep our family and staff members safe too, and especially our younger children, and the children of our staff members, who are unable to get vaccinated. Once you're at your table, masks can be off, although we advise you to keep masks on unless talking or eating to less spread of particles! Thank you all SO much for understanding :)

Live Music is BACK AGAIN!

Our new live music schedule:

Wednesday 6pm-9pm

Friday (not yet back, but soon will; look out for updates!)

Saturday 6pm-9pm

Sunday 5pm-8pm

NEW Exclusive Menu

We've recently released a new Exclusive menu last month! It will consistently update every month due to seasonal fish. It features:

- An omakase platter (omakase in Japanese mean's to put your trust in our chefs), which will feature 10 different types of freshly prepared fish from coasts of California, South American oceans, North Atlantic oceans, and of course, Tsukiji, Nishiki, and Hokkaido fish markets in Japan.

- A Bluefin tuna tasting platter, filled with fresh fatty tuna and other styles of tuna sushi and sashimi

- 10+ New, exclusive maki rolls

- 10+ New types of exclusive fish for nigiri-sushi/sashimi a la carte

Only for dining in! Check out some pics of our omakase platters taken by our customers:

Upcoming Upstairs Cocktail Bar

UMI has decided to open the FIRST, fully Japanese cocktail bar in HoCo! It will be located upstairs, and decorated with floral installations, paintings, lights, and with a touch of OEC charm. Although we previously stated that it may open in the summer, sadly, we have to push the date forward to early fall. We will be releasing more updates on soft opening dates soon... A sneak peek of what this opening will include are:

- (Finally) a full bar!

- More sake flights and shochu (Japanese liquor) flights

- Japanese whiskey and flights

- Cocktails made with Japanese liquors and other alcohol

- Ability to reserve our entire upstairs for karaoke or large parties/events

- Luxury seating and atmosphere

- More live music!

Stay tuned!


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